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Paula Whitty

June 2010
Main bedroom Living room guest bedroom
the interior of the Barbican flat
Some entertaining - Sheila, Rad and Meera came to lunch in Olney. Three days have been devoted to redecoration of the hall and main bedroom, in advance of new carpets.  Hannah has chosen a new colour scheme. We had a weekend in the West Country and saw National Trust and English Heritage properties including Cleve Abbey (below) and then up to the the Borders, staying en route in a Yorkshire Bed and Breakfast and then seeing Hannah's elder son, wife Paula, and his family.  We have also been to the annual Civic Dinner at the Barbers.
Geoffrey, who has created quizzes for many years, has now placed access to two on a website, www.artsquiz.co.uk

Cleve Abbey

 Wold bed and breakfast

Hannah and Geoffrey Hannah

This site is about

  • The Barbican, the Barbican Centre and the neighbourhood facilities, is now Grade II listed.  It is about 50 years since the first ideas were proposed to develop the bomb-damaged site.  The 12.5 million face-lift to the public areas has been completed, but changes continue, with the opening of flats in Frobisher Court, development of the Heron Tower on the site of the old fire station, and the movement of two cinemas.

  • The views from the towers are great and from the balcony one can see a panorama  including St. Paul's and new office building.  Within walking distance are modern office buildings by virtually all of the finest architects of the day.

  • The home in Olney

  • Family and friends

  • Map of the Barbican

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